Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide before and after care for my child?
The River Edge Extended Day Care Program is an independent organization unrelated to River Edge Schools. They offer care for your child before and after school. Contact them directly at for details.

How is it determined which school my child will attend kindergarten?
River Edge is a neighborhood district. Your child will attend the school that is closest to where you live. If you are unsure what side of town your residence is, you may ask the secretary when you register. In cases of late registrations and in the event that the neighborhood kindergarten classes are full, you will be directed to the other school.

Are there any screenings done before school starts?
No, all students will be assessed in the first few weeks of school. However, if you have specific concerns, or have previous evaluations that were done for your child, or have anything more immediate you need to share, please contact your child’s principal to further discuss.

My child has special needs, can you accommodate him?
We have a fully staffed child study team who, along with our school nurse, can assist you.

When can my child see their new school building?
Kindergarten Orientation is an excellent opportunity for you to bring your child to their new school, meet a kindergarten teacher and see what a typical classroom looks like. This will also give parents an opportunity to meet with other members of our school system and ask additional questions.

Do you know the dates for the Kindergarten Orientation?
The dates are Tuesday, May 16 for Roosevelt School families and Wednesday, May 17 for Cherry Hill School families.

What is a Parent Information Session? You will be invited to choose from two dates in the summer to come to your child’s school to learn more about the details of your child’s day, pick up and drop off procedures, get a tour of our buildings, etc. This informational event is for parents.

Will my child have an opportunity to meet with their teacher prior to the first day of school?
All kindergarten students will be invited to a “Meet and Greet” prior to the first day of school. At this time they will meet their new teacher see their classroom.

What if I forgot to enter Emergency Contacts when I entered my child’s information online?
Prior to the placement letters being sent out in August, you will receive an email from us requesting you to sign up for our Parent Portal. This will enable you to make changes to any personal information already entered or add Emergency Contacts to your child’s file.

Can I request a specific teacher for my child?
There are many factors that go into creating a well balanced classroom. We are unable to grant special requests.

My child just misses the October 1 cut off for kindergarten, can I register my child anyway?
Our Board of Education policy mandates that we adhere to the October 1st deadline.

What if I did not bring ALL of the documents required for registration?
If you are unable to supply all of the required documents on the day of registration, you are asked to submit them to the New Bridge Center Office ASAP. Your child will not be able to attend without proper documentation.

Do you know when the first day of school will be?
The first day of school for students will be Thursday, September 7. Our district calendar and other important information is posted on our website, You are encouraged to visit this site frequently for important, updated information.

Do I have to use the physical form on your website?
A generic form from your Doctor’s office or our form may be submitted.

My child turns 5 in May, should I wait until then to give the nurse my information?
Upon registering your child, you are asked to submit your child’s latest physical and immunization record. The updated records can be turned in after your child’s doctor visit. Please provide the nurse with your scheduled date for your upcoming appointment.