Note from the New Bridge Center Assistant Principal

Welcome to New Bridge Center!

NBC is home to Cherry Hill School’s kindergarteners, our district integrated preschool program, and our preschool, primary, and elementary Building Bridges and Building Connections classes.
Our kindergarten students enjoy a full-day program which provides teachers and students opportunities for both large and small group instruction to give students the skills they need as they confidently move into first grade. Both Readers' and Writers' Workshop are introduced as the teachers differentiate instruction to accommodate learning styles and needs. The kindergarten also uses the Everyday Math Program which introduces key mathematical concepts that are integrated into children's everyday learning experiences. The students learn through hands-on experiences, math activities, games and learning centers. Additionally, kindergarten teachers address social growth and development on a daily basis and through the activities of the Zippy's Friends program.

The integrated preschool program gives three and four year-olds a chance to participate in a program designed for kindergarten readiness. Following the state approved Curiosity Corner curriculum, the preschool class features opportunities for academic skill development, social growth, and responsibility awareness, all in an academic setting. Please refer to the Pre-K link on our web site for more information and application details. Updated Pre K forms click here.

The Building Bridges and Building Connections programs continue their successful practice of monitoring student development through discrete trials in a small group setting. Lead teachers and aides work together to meet the needs of individualized education plans for the purpose of preparing students for the future. Frequent trips into the community to practice appropriate social tasks and communication skills highlight this model program.
Thank you for taking the time to visit the NBC website.  Please reach out to me with any questions by email or by phone- or 201-261-5620.  

Beth Rosen, Assistant Principal