Welcome to the 2020 – 2021 school year!

My name is Mr. Eric James and I am the administrator here at the New Bridge Center. This is my second year here in the River Edge Public Schools and will continue to showcase my leadership skills; with fifteen years of administrative experience, educational-athletic background experience, positive energy, new ways to promote academic success, and sing to creating fun ways to promote Social and Emotional Learning. I know that this will be a fantastic school year.

As we start our school year off virtually we will continue to set high expectations and ensure the success of all scholars no matter their religion, nationality, ethnicity, or disabilities. The staff here at NBC will continue to develop the ability of our diverse population of scholars to build content knowledge, use textual evidence, logical sequencing and precise information. The daily hybrid-virtual academic expectations will be to challenge students to use precision and evidence for rich and rigorous class discussions in addition to self-assessing either via-zoom or in-person. This summer staff participated in a workshop called SEL (Social Emotional Learning); this workshop instructed our staff how to create a positive learning environment and a sense of community for our students and staff. Social Emotional Learning this year will play an intricate part to help develop the body and mind of each and every student.

The New Bridge Center is home to Cherry Hill School’s kindergarten scholars; our district integrated preschool program, and our preschool, primary, and elementary Building Bridges- Building Connections classes. Our scholars enjoy a day of learning that provides teachers and students opportunities to a strong foundation of learning and building great relationships. Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops are introduced as well as problem based math program, science, and STEAM are part of our programs.

The integrated preschool program gives three and four year olds a chance to participate in a program designed for kindergarten readiness. The River Edge School District follows the state approved Curiosity Corner Curriculum. The preschool class features opportunities for academic skill development, social growth, and responsibility awareness, all in an academic setting.

We invite our parents and other community stakeholders to explore our website in order to stay informed of the events happening at the NBC/Cherry Hill School. Additionally, we encourage all parents and community members to join our PTO and here at the New Bridge Center hope to have a strong partnership with our parents and the community. Everyone’s input is valued and respected, and I welcome your support and collaboration in helping us create a highly effective school.

Please reach out to me with any questions by email or by phone –jamese@riveredgeschools.org or 201-261-5620 ext. 2326.

Mr. Eric James
Assistant Principal