New Bridge Center - Staff

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Main Office
Assistant Principal Beth Rosen  
District Data Coordinator Michele Puentes  
New Bridge Center Staff
Integrated Preschool Ashley Gargiulo  
Pre-K Building Bridges Angel Linton  
Primary Building Bridges Sara Caruolo  
Elementary Building Bridges Wendy Cassidy  
Primary Building Connections Jessica Haynes  
Elementary Building Connections Pauline Choi  
Speech PSD Laura Linder  
Speech Building Bridges Risa Louda  
OT Marlene Rhodes  
Nurse Andrea Friedlander  
Child Study Team
Supervisor of Special Services Rosemary Kuruc  
Child Study Team Staff
Susan Cole, Social Worker  
Maryann Durante, Psychologist  
Cheryl Maguire, Secretary  
Stephanie Seigel, Psychologist  
Stacy Socha, Learning Consultant  
Nicole Elmera, Behavior Analyst  
Board Office
Superintendent of Schools Dr. Tova Ben Dov  
Business Administrator Louise Napolitano  
Supervisor Building and Grounds Stan Stevens  
Board Office Staff
Cindy Femia, Secretary to Business Administrator  
Kathy Grado, Secretary to Superintendent  
Karen Judge, Personnel Coordinator  
Dawn Maccaquano, District Bookkeeper  
Barbara O'Brien, Payroll Coordinator