Cherry Hill School Principal


Principal's Message

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Cherry Hill School and New Bridge Center. Our setting of diverse, unique Pre-K to 6th grade students represents a loving community of families and staff. We celebrate unique individuals and build bright futures! Our exceptional educators and parents work together to offer our students a remarkable educational experience. Children are involved in daily activities, critical thinking and applying learned skills. Character, respect, and tolerance are prominent pillars at our school. The learning atmosphere fosters high academic standards and authentic learning experiences. A variety of enrichment programs provide an avenue for students to pursue interests and apply learning to real-life situations. The Common Core State Standards drive our curriculum and instruction. Our students are prepared to meet the rigorous demands for the 21st Century. Local and standard assessment measures, the use of data, and student progress inform our instruction to meet students’ needs. Our wide-range programs include Art, Vocal and Instrumental Music, Media, Physical Education, Technology, STEAM experiences, World Language, CREATE and many exciting activities. We have expanded our one to one initiative with technology devices to grades three through six. Our Parent Teacher Organization is a tremendous support and is extremely supportive. All parents and staff are encouraged to participate in the organization. The PTO coordinates many programs, activities and gifts to benefit our children and staff.

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