Steps to follow to register your child (1-6) in the River Edge School District

Please keep this list checklist handy as you proceed through each step

Listed below are the required documents for registering your child in the River Edge School system. While we must see all original documents, you are welcome to bring copies along with the originals.

Step 1

Click here, Read the 1-6 Frequently Asked Questions

Step 2

Click here, to input important registration information.
Pay Close attention to the instructions on the top of each page.
Guardian 1 will be considered the Primary contact for your child.
Atleast 2 Emergency Contacts are also requested at his time.
List your cellphone as your primary phone number

Step 3

Print out confirmation page with bar code. KEEP THIS PAGE and bring with you the day you register.

Step 4

Collect Proof of Residency Documents- All documents must be originals.

One from the list below

  • For home owners-most recent real estate tax bill or signed deed
  • For renters-signed lease
  • A closing statement for the purchase of residence within the past 60 days.
  • A notarized affidavit from the owner of residence stating that you reside at that residence on a full time basis.

Three from the list below

  • Driver's License
  • Utility Bill, Gas, electric or water bill dated within the past 3 months (only one)
  • Proof of Home/apartment insurance
  • Bank statement dated within the past 3 months
  • Automobile Insurance Card
  • Current Pay Stub

Step 5

Download, complete and print the forms below and please bring the forms with you for your appointment.

Step 6

Proof of child’s date of birth (Birth Certificate)

Once you have completed Steps 1 through 6, please call 201-261-3405 ext. 1301 to setup an appointment to register in person.

All registrations for the district will take place at the Cherry Hill Main Office located at 410 Bogert Road, River Edge. Please bring the original requested documents and a copy.


Required forms to be completed will be in your Parent Portal Account once you are fully registered.
Please review informational forms below:

Student Accident Insurance
Crossing Guard Posts
Emergency Schools Closings
Homework Guidelines
Stranger Danger Tips

Additional Notes

  • Your child must be age appropriate upon starting their program of study. For example, your child must be 5 years old by October 1 in the same year they will join us for Kindergarten.
  • Only a parent or legal guardian may enroll your child. Guardianship paperwork must be submitted at time of registration.
  • Your child does not need to be present to register.

Note: If you are living with a family who owns a home in River Edge, the owner must sign our affidavit which needs to be notarized by a Bergen County Notary. Affidavits are available in the school offices. The homeowner must also bring in the above proofs of residency.