Roosevelt Elementary School

The Roosevelt School community has as its mission, the establishment of a comprehensive foundation which enables all students to achieve their maximum potential as responsible individuals and lifelong learners.

The River Edge School District expects to achieve its educational objectives by providing:

  • High expectations of attainable, individual achievement where students with diverse learning styles are confident in their ability to learn from their mistakes and experience success
  • A caring, safe, positive environment promoting self esteem, self respect and consequently respect for others
  • A well-equipped physical environment in which teachers and students are provided with the materials necessary to facilitate learning
  • A school culture that supports and encourages staff pursuit of personal and professional growth. One which encourages a harmonious and collegial atmosphere permitting teachers to reflect upon the effectiveness of their efforts
  • Recognition that we both mirror and influence the community around us as we forge a cooperative link between school, home and neighborhood
  • Realization of the necessity for respect for cultural diversity
  • Acceptance of the obligation to support moral and civic education with the understanding that every child is a potential citizen of a global society
  • To this end we emphasize democratic ideals, courtesy and compassion and we expect each child to learn to take responsibility for his/her actions
  • Agreement by all members of the school community that quality education is a lifelong process involving physical, mental, emotional and social development

Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy

Beth Rosen
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
101 Greene Avenue
River Edge, NJ 07661
(201) 261-5620

Tara Benevento
Anti-bullying Specialist
410 Bogert Road
River Edge, NJ 07661
(201) 261-3404

**Download Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying Policy**